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The Real Way to Read.

A few years ago I was teaching literacy skills to various adults who, for whatever reason, hadn’t gotten around to learning how to read or write. It didn’t take long for me to realize that you actually have to be extra clever as an adult if you need to navigate the world without literacy. One guy … The Real Way to Read. Read More »

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A Goat is for Christmas, not for Life

My best ever Christmas present came from my kid brother back in the 80’s. I had taken him Christmas shopping which meant waiting impatiently outside some shop while he insisted on running off to buy me something with his life savings of 74p. Eventually he emerged  with a big grin and a brown bag. “You’re … A Goat is for Christmas, not for Life Read More »

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Me, the Catholic?

Spending ten or twelve years of my life convinced that there were only two religions in the world, Catholics & Protestants, is not something I’m particularly proud of. Granted, this period of time was early childhood, extending into my youth, when I did manage to discover that there were also other religions and that it … Me, the Catholic? Read More »

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I’m NOT with Stupid!

 I love Paris. The cafes, the culture, the art, the romance, I could go on all day. But I don’t love Paris as in ‘I heart Paris’ on the front of a tacky t-shirt. Apparently, though, I’m alone in this sentiment if I’m to go by the rail of t-shirts I’ve just seen at in … I’m NOT with Stupid! Read More »

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The Headstone

“Do you remember any affectionate moments with your mother?” The therapist was probably feeling an awkward silence that I was blissfully unaware of while I attempted to route through a few decades in under a minute.  “No”, I said, “Mammy wasn’t touchy feely. Just sometimes if she had an itch she might ask me to … The Headstone Read More »

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No one has ever become poor by giving.
(Anne Frank)

About Me

Mags Treanor writes satire & essays with a bit of poetry and fiction thrown in. Originally from Ireland, she is now living in Germany. Her work has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies, and has also been broadcast on RTE, Ireland’s national radio station. Her collection of short stories and poetry ‘Two Night Stand’ was published by Maverick Press in 2007.

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Story telling is one of the most important human traditions. Stories are rich in connections and bring people and cultures together .